Chan Luu White Mix Double Wrap Bracelet


* Chan Luu White Mix Double Wrap Bracelet

* Swarovski Crystals & Freshwater Pearls

* Handmade

* 30-35m (12″-14″) adjustable length

* 5mm wide

* Shipped from Ireland

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This beautifully crafted wrap bracelet features a strand of metallic mokuba ribbon woven with an gold plated beads, a collection of SWAROVSKI® crystals and freshwater cultured pearls. The bracelet fastens with a Chan Luu engraved gold-plated curved oval button with 3 adjustable closures that measure approximately 12″ (30cm) / 13″ (32.5cm)/ 14″ (35cm) in length. The bracelet is 5mm wide and wraps twice around the wrist.

The bracelet is presented in a Chan Luu silk patterned pouch