Daisy Gold Plated Brow Chakra Short Necklace


* Daisy Gold Plated Brow Chakra Short Necklace

* Brow Chakra: Intuition. Perception. Imagination.

* 18ct Gold Plated

20mm Chakra Centrepiece

* 42-45cm long necklace

* Presented in a gift box

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In yogic traditions, the Chakras are the manifestations of spiritual energies on the physical level, responsible for well-being and a happy, healthy life. Daisy London have created a new fresh take on the bestselling Chakra necklaces. Still encorporating each unique Chakra but now with a thinner pendant that sits flush to the skin for a timeless piece that can be worn at any occasion. The 18ct gold plated pendant measures 20mm x 1mm. The chain can be worn at two different lengths: 17″ (42cm) and 18″ (45cm)

The Brow Chakra is emotionally connected with Insight, Self-Realization and Releasing negative thoughts and strives towards self-reflection. The necklace is presented in a Daisy gift box.