Satya Libra Tourmaline Zodiac Necklace


* Satya Libra Tourmaline Zodiac Necklace

* 18kt gold plated brass

* 45cm chain

* 14mm pendant

* Ships from Ireland

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Day and night are equal when the Sun passes through the constellation of Libra—a sense of balance that you carry into the world. Rightly so, the Greek goddess Dike, who governed justice, is linked to your sign. You are here to promote peace and protect the delicate harmony of the universe. Heart-centered pink tourmaline is loving Libra’s stone. This beautiful 18ct gold plated necklace from Satya features a 14mm pendant accentuated with white topaz stones and a pink tourmaline to form the design of the Libra constellation. The chain is 45cm long.

The necklace is presented in a gift box.